Hookers in Revolt

Hookers in Revolt

Hookers in Revolt is a low budget exploitation flick with plenty of sex, violence, drug taking and swearing. A group of prostitutes fed up with pimps and cops harassing them join together and try to fight back. Unfortunately for them things don´t work out quite how they wanted.

After one of their friends turns up dead the hookers pool their resources to fund their rebellion. First on their hit list is a nasty pimp who they think killed their friend and they waste no time in abducting him. Meanwhile two dirty cops are running around forcing hookers to give them freebies and beating on them to get information. The hookers recruit the cops and convince them to work for them but it´s an uncomfortable alliance to say the least.

This is a pretty muddy plot which gets increasingly confusing towards the end of the film. None of the characters are very likeable and the acting is very amateurish so there´s little to keep your attention beyond the odd soft core sex scene. The violence is cheaply done, generally with sound, and there is nothing approaching a special effect in the whole film.

The action is accompanied by cheesy repetitive slap bass which gets tired immediately. The sound effects are also badly done most noticeably in the supposed crowd scene where leader of the hookers, Cleopatra, gives a speech to her minions; sadly it´s a little too obvious that there were only four of them there despite the crowd noises on the soundtrack.

Towards the end of the film Cleopatra has been corrupted by her power and ends up being even worse than the pimps, claiming ninety percent of the hookers´ earnings and as her kingdom starts to crumble around her she seems to go a bit mad and things get really weird.

Hookers in Revolt had some potential with a classic exploitation flick plot but the poor writing and editing led to a disjointed film, the amateur acting didn´t help and to be honest by the end of the hour and a half running time I was just glad it was over.

Reviewed by Simon Hill

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