House of the Damned

House of the Damned

House of the Damned is a camp and corny low budget horror. The film wastes no time in getting stuck into the action and we open with an old man telling another guy about an evil old woman who can stay young by sacrificing the people around her. The guy is understandably sceptical but when he stands up the wardrobe bursts open and the woman jumps out and gratuitously knocks his skull in with a hammer while the old man screams in the background and so the stage is set for some horror daftness.

The crazy woman is some kind of she-devil and she´s been keeping young by sacrificing her various adopted families, specifically she has to kill her daughter on her 21st birthday..... enter daughter Liz who is about to have her 21st birthday party. Sadly for all her friends they´re holding the party in the House of the Damned and Liz´s mum is intent on killing them all.

This is another production from writer/director Sean Weathers, the man behind Lust for Vengeance and Hookers in Revolt. He chose to film it in black and white, perhaps to detract from the cheapness of the production, and it is definitely more fun than his other efforts with cheap effects galore and extremely hammy acting. It´s also the first of his films to have a coherent story line and while it may be cheesy it can at least be followed.

As Liz´s friends begin to get picked off there´s some bizarre poltergeist type behaviour, some possession and eventually they come back as zombies, for some reason as zombies they all have porridge dripping from their mouths. The film builds towards the inevitable climax as Liz figures out a way to defeat her mother and give her the comeuppance she deserves.

The acting is amateur although at least it provides a few laughs here and the film is helped by the fact that no-one seems to be taking it too seriously. None of the characters are really convincing particularly in the fight sequences but there´s some entertainment to be had here watching them flail about uselessly and you can see they are all having fun, even if the audience isn´t.

The film lasts about an hour and it is camp and cheesy throughout. While it´s better than his other two films and it does have a sense of fun about it you´d be disappointed if you paid any money to see this.

Reviewed by Simon Hill

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