Lust for Vengeance

Lust for Vengeance

Lust for Vengeance is like a slasher porno cross with very cheap production values and amateur acting. Brought to you by independent film maker Sean Weathers this is about a serial killer stalking a number of women and then murdering them.

The action opens with a close up of a board which has a list of female names written on it, the killer scores them out one by one and we jump around in random order watching his killings. Each killing has the same basic format, there's a bit of dialogue which is badly acted followed by a drug taking scene, then we have an explicit sex scene followed by a lacklustre murder. This is repeated five times before a terrible supposed reveal about the killer and the whole thing is over, coming in at just under an hour.

The tagline on the box says "Even the guilty seek retribution" but in fact in this film the guilty just seeks more victims none of whom really seem to deserve a brutal slaying. The girls are the main focus of the film but despite the fact they know who is responsible for the murders none of them really does anything about it. There's a definite attempt to develop the characters and give them backgrounds but the script is not of a high enough standard and the acting fails to convince or engage.

With the direction Weathers tries to inject some excitement into the production but most of his techniques just don't work and he completely fails to build any tension, the glaring cheapness of the whole thing is never shaken off. Worst of all for a slasher film the murders are like an afterthought, we get extended sex scenes which go and on and then a quick cut-away murder.

This film completely failed to entertain me, even the individual elements are all badly done and it doesn't work as a horror or a porno or a thriller, though if it had to be categorised then porn is probably the best fit.

Reviewed by Simon Hill

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