Pool Party

Matt from Pool Party

Pool Party is a quirky low budget comedy film. It´s about a guy called Matt who wants to pass the bar exam and win back his girlfriend but gets talked into house sitting for his strange boss. His weekend of studying is disrupted by his boss´s kids who are determined to have a pool party; there are plenty of visual gags, innuendo and a fair portion of eye candy to keep you interested but on the whole this is a hit and miss affair, mostly miss.

This is an independent film shot with a digital video camera and written, produced and directed by Timothy M Snell. There are some nice ideas at play here and a hint of decent characterization but there are also some appallingly corny jokes. The visual gags probably work best but the attempts at humour throughout this film more often made me groan than laugh.

The set-up is the best section of the film as we meet Matt and see him interact with his boss, Richard. He then follows up with a visit to his boss´s house to receive instructions for his house watching weekend. The central rule is that he can´t have a pool party but his boss´s kids (who both look the same age as Matt) ignore him and invite over lots of people anyway.

Dannielle from Pool Party

The cast all approach their parts with gusto, especially the eccentric boss played by David Lawrence who probably turns in the best performance of the film. Matt is played by co-writer Justin T Bowler but he´s bland and slightly nerdish which makes it all the more strange that girls keep throwing themselves at him. All of the women in the film, except the joke ugly, fat girl and Matt´s main love interest, wear bikinis in literally every scene whether it makes sense or not. There´s a bit of nudity and lots of ridiculously over the top sexuality from the numerous brainless bimbos who are all attractive but struggle to act convincingly. There are also a lot of jokes about Matt being gay and his gay roommate trying to seduce his study buddy but it´s done in a very childish manner.

As the film progresses things get stranger and stranger. A group of Christians come over and try to convert Matt and then a guy with clown make-up on wearing a gorilla suit minus the head comes round and starts shouting and to be honest at this point in the film I really had no idea what was even meant to be happening. It smacked of being strange for the sake of it, like a desperate attempt to be zany which just didn´t come off.

The direction is uninspired throughout and I struggled to remain interested all the way to the end of the movie. The script could also use some work as many scenes played out more like individual sketches than a coherent film. This might raise a chuckle if you´re a very drunk frat boy but otherwise I´d advise you to give it a miss.

Reviewed by Simon Hill

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